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Lord Xeen

At the time that the Aztecs migrated to this area they were a very weak tribe. Anywhere they tried to settle they quickly kicked out of by stronger tribes. They finally happened upon some swampy islands in the middle of a small lake that was so putrid it was not worth the notice of the stronger peoples but it was a bit of a safe haven to the Aztcs. After so long (years actually) running from one angry tribe to land that was already someone else's this island that nobody wanted was the best they could hope for. Decades later later, when they had established significant dominance of the area and Tenochtitlan was a grand, sprawling city thanks to strategic alliances, wars and, ruthlessness, the people in charge decided it was time to make their history a little more glorius. It wouldn't do if people thought the mighty aztecs were pathetic nomads forced to live in a swamp, so the legend of the bird on the cactus as a sign from their gods was born.

Lord Xeen

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It sounds more damatic when you say that the bird is an eagle.

The particular tribe - the Mexica - gave us the name Mexico.

The cactus in the flag is of the opuntia species - the common "nopal" variety is commonly eaten as a vegetable - it is delicious!

Then there's tequila - I am trying to enlighten the non-Mexican world about this, so I wrote some stuff on my page on 100% real tequila. Mexico is a very interesting country - and this beverage somewhat symbolic of many things that make it the country today.

Historical corrections

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Fenchurch M. Mercury

Lord Xeen: Wow. I thought I had enough crammed down my throat in elementary school, but there's MORE! smiley - winkeye. I humbly umm... recognise? I can't change anything posted, but I could see if I can get in touch w/ someone who can. smiley - smiley

Dudemeister: You mean... embezzlement, oppression and stealing tourists' cars? smiley - winkeye. It really is a beautiful place, despite all the problems.... And that cactus IS the best!!! 'specially with rice and tomato sauce... it's all I had when I stayed in this little pueblito in Guadalajara (it's all I *would* eat... smiley - winkeye)

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