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On taxis and buses ...

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Evil Giraffe

I hate to disagree, but taxis in Mexico city are great. Ok, so they may be slightly dirty, and perhaps the suspension is non-existant but they are cheap. One side of the city to the other for less than £10 ... try doing that in London. Taxis also give that good-to-be-alive feeling once you get out of them because, hey, you survived!

Buses on the other hand are exactly how you would imagine them to be: crowded, noisey, old, and there is always someone there with a chicken. They do take more residential routes, but unless you know exactly where you are going you'll soon become lost.

Worse than the buses, though, are the micro-buses. You didn't tell us about those, did you now?

On taxis and buses ...

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I agree, I used to travel for a few days every couple of weeks there and relied on taxis to go everywhere from Cuautitlan in the North to Xochimilco in the South and all around in-between.

Just make sure that they put the meter on - if not get out unless you think you can negotiate a good fare - This is in fact illegal for the driver to do - but some try. Often taxi drivers do not know where you want to go if it is not a common destination, and may not know the best way, or will not take the best way (this is not like the London taxi service and licensing).

I always took my Guia Roji - a good road map, and looked at where I wanted to go. I would then hop in the cab and explain to the taxi driver what I wanted him to do using the map. Most have their own - but you'll always be able to get "unlost" if the guy loses his way.

You should tip - and if you negotiate a price tell them that's it.

Of course you will have to speak good Spanish to do this - Do not take a cab if you are suspicious or don't like it - another will be along in half a second.

On taxis and buses ...

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Fenchurch M. Mercury

But... I liked the buses! An' the taxi guy really did go around the same roundabout 3 times! I guess it's just a matter of opinion... I rode buses up here a lot before I went down there, so maybe I was justused to it. Ahh well. smiley - smiley

On taxis and buses ...

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The taxi driver was probably having fun, or was really dizzy. Like anywhere else, most people, I believe are honestly trying to make a living. Most taxi drivers in Mexico city in my experience are honest and helpful (they likely won't speak any English, but may know enough to help a bit - anyway you should try to speak their language, as it is their home).

I have had one or two drivers who once I got in asked to put the meter on. Always they will, except in a couple of cases they explained that the meter is broken, so you can get another cab if you want. Then I would tell them what I paid doing theame trip before and they would agree to that.

I have had a couple of guys trying to take me for a ride, but then you have to be willing and able to argue with them.

Never get in anything but an official taxi. And at the airport do not take anything but the airport taxi - There are peopl who will pass off their buddy as a taxi driver - I naively took one once, and this was nothing more than an "informal" taxi company - you are dicing with danger doing this - beware.

On taxis and buses ...

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P.S. Good article. I happy to hear about people who discover Mexico outside of beach resorts - I the country. Mexico has an icredble variety of landscapes and culture. From travelling around the country I often found that you suddenly find something or someone - and it is truly magical. I was lucky enough to live in the North of the country for a while - even toodling around home, I found constant discoveries.

The day of the dead is coming up Nov 2nd - after Hallowe'en. In most places in Mexico this is where people especially in rural areas go to visit their dead relatives at the grave side - bringing things they used to like and having a little party. This is great for kid's in Mexico - they get the "gringo" Hallowe'en with all the goodies then the Mexican celebration with more goodies and curiosities.

On taxis and buses ...

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I live in Mexico City and I would say that the quickest, cheapest and safest way to travel round the city would be the metro system. Yes, it can get a little crowded sometimes, but at only 3 pesos to anywhere it is by far the cheapest way. As in all big cities you have to keep your wits about you, so just use your head when travelling, don't take all your money out and don't keep it all in your big fat wallet that just sticks out of your back pocket.
Taxis are a nightmare, if you speak Spanish make sure they put the meter on, and try to have some idea of where you're going, Buses are sometimes fun but always crowded..and yes like Evil Giraffe says there will probably be someone with a chicken sat next to you, their biggest let down though is that they take for-ever to get anywhere, the micro-buses are even worse and most of the time don't leave until they have a full load of people, sometimes this is 2 minutes sometimes this can be 40 minutes. But you're in Mexico, so you have to do things the Mexican way, and that's sit back and relax, things will happen when they happen.
So if you want to get from one place to another I'd catch the metro, but if you want to see the city then the best way, and only one for me, is to get yourself a map and use your feet people, that's what their there for. smiley - run

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