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Gutenberg Bible

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

I just came by to mention the Gutenberg Bible and discovered you already have it listed. smiley - ok

Two points though:

Each page has two columns of 42 lines.

And it's probably worth mentioning that it was the first book ever printed.
Not everyone knows that.

(Only 200 copies were originally made. They are worth a lot of money.
And I'm sure they are 'present' in every writer's mind as he struggles
to create a new book with hopes that his creation will be significant and
reach a large audience. Not consciously of course but somewhere deep
in the mind, when a writer is deep in thought, he is forming an image in
his mind of what a book 'should' look like. 42 lines is probably about right.)

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Gutenberg Bible

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Taff Agent of kaos

is there a term for when one mythology becomes subject to another mthology

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Gutenberg Bible

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

None springs to mind... but one imagines there oughta be.
Then one begins trying to think of examples...
And gets lost in the miasma, the ghostly mists of myth.
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'Appropriation' might work in some cases but that implies
some sort of conscious effort to assimilate or subdue.
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In the intermix and transition from Greek to Roman paganism...
or possibly somewhere in the 'integration' of pagan and Christian
rituals there might have been a word coined.
Mind you, it woulda been a Roman coin.
And I don't have the Latin.
Coulda been a judge me, but I dinna have the Latin.

Gives me something to think about all day.
smiley - ok

Gutenberg Bible

Post 4


do you mean like Synchretism?

Gutenberg Bible

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

Interestly, yes, quite probably.
And curiously, without the H.

dictdotcom says:

"reconciliation of different beliefs," 1618, from Mod.L. syncretismus (David Pareus, 1615), from Gk. synkretismos "union of communities," from synkretizein "to combine against a common enemy," from syn- + srcond element of uncertain origin. One theory connects it with kretismos "lying," from kretizein "to lie like a Cretan;" another connects it with the stem of kerannynai "to mix, blend;" krasis "mixture."

smiley - cheers

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