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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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For over seventy years the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has been a distinctive part of the Australian way of life.

From its beginnings back in 1932, the ABC has grown into Australia's largest broadcasting, entertainment and marketing organisation. It has become an important part of Australia's cultural heritage, fostering the arts and reflecting the nation's cultural diversity.

Australia's only national, non-commercial broadcaster, the ABC has shared its history and development with the growth of the nation.

ABC Television

The ABC produces some excellent television. The home-grown television schedule is strengthened with the best of British television. Thanks to the ABC, Australians enjoy lots of shows produced by the BBC like The Office and Spooks among many others.

The ABC produces admirable news programmes, including the 7.30 Report, a quality current affairs programme. Foreign Correspondent provides a weekly look at overseas culture and world issues.

Most of Australia's quality drama and comedy is screened on the ABC, with programmes such as Changi, Frontline and Seachange winning critical and popular acclaim.

ABC Radio

ABC Radio is vast and covers most topics, with six national networks and around sixty local and regional stations.

Triple J is a famous youth network. A genuine voice for the youth of Australia, Triple J is a great promoter of new Australian bands.

News Radio provides Australian and World news, broadcasting reliable information and current affairs all day.

Classic FM plays excellent classical and jazz music. Classic FM regularly features performances from Australia's splendid orchestras.

Radio National has an intellectual bent and produces unique programmes covering culture, economics, politics and everything in between.

Local Radio includes the sixty ABC regional and metropolitan stations. These stations cover local issues and sport, as well as transmitting the venerable radio programmes AM, PM and the World Today.

Radio Australia is the ABC's overseas service, with a particular emphasis on the Asian region and languages. With over fifty million listeners worldwide, it is an essential service for many communities.

Dig Internet Radio plays a variety of music perfect to listen to while surfing the web.

ABC Online

The ABC has created some really interesting websites. Find them all here at ABC Online.


The ABC often comes under fire for an apparent left-wing bias, which is purely a matter of personal opinion. It is certainly more independent and critical of government and other institutions than the commercial stations, but the ABC tries hard to maintain a balance in most of its programming.

Funded by a government grant rather than a licence fee, the ABC is subject to budget cuts and political wrangling. Therefore it runs its operations on a fraction of the budget of its commercial cousins. The calls for increased or reduced funding are constant.

The ABC is the breeding ground for most of Australia's journalistic and entertainment talent – there are few actors, comedians or reporters who have not benefited from the ABC's willingness to be different. This has its downside, in that many successful ABC programmes have migrated to commercial television only to be ruined by their new networks.

Despite its detractors, the ABC remains a popular and important institution that has given Australians some of their best entertainment. It is unrivalled in Australia as a source of quality news and information. It successfully fulfils its remit to provide 'An innovative and comprehensive service' for all Australians and hopefully it will continue to do so.

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