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plectrum or fingernails?

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Plectrum or fingernails?
Or some other bizzarre object perhaps?

jennyfurr xxxsmiley - erm

plectrum or fingernails?

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Plectrum. But when you're at a party or someone's house drunk late at night, and someone chucks a guitar in your direction, you seem to be able to use anything. Usually 2p coins.

Actually scrub that, after a few smiley - ale my playing would be just as good using a dinner plate.

plectrum or fingernails?

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

I played with very heavy picks for almost twenty years, including coins, buttons and Dunlop 2.0mms. I grooved a lot of frets.
Just recently, after an online conversation with Kevin Eubanks, I've been avoiding the picks and learning to use my fingers.
It allows a bit more of a piano approach.
I do not use my fingernails as I keep them short.
Chet Atkins used his fingernails and he had to take very good care of them, including wearing gloves and using a clear nail varnish to keep them strong, particularly in cold weather.

plectrum or fingernails?

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I use my fingers, i have a couple of picks but i dont use them much, i just give them to my friends if they come over and we all play (albeit not very good..) \m/smiley - biggrin\m/

plectrum or fingernails?

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Dunlop 1mm (the black ones). After trying loads of guages these are the ones I've settled with. Nice grippy bit on them too for when you're flailing around

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