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Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, UK

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Bletchley is a small town between Cambridge and Oxford, UK.

Bletchley was made famous by the author Robert Harris in his fictional novel Enigma, which tells the story of events at Bletchley Park during the Second World War. Lots of really clever people really were employed there during World War II at the Government Code and Cypher School. Under the direction of the Foreign Office, their remit was to break the German code machine, the 'Enigma'. Bletchley Park was also the home of Colossus, the first real computer.

Bletchley itself became the home of Willie Rushton, a famed writer and comedian who was evacuated there.

Bletchley is now known as the south end of Milton Keynes*, and is noted for:

  • A number of charity shops which sell all manner of items.

  • The Lakes Estate regarded locally as being 'a little dodgy'.

  • Being a stop on the London to Bedford train route.

Bletchley also has some wonderful Indian and Chinese takeaways and restaurants. Most noted among these is Voongs on Cambridge Road.

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