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Metro also available in The Netherlands

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Freud, Cugel, and other weirdos all in one

This guy or doll makes it appear that Metro is only available on the London Underground. A bit strange for something that was introduced by a Swedish company (check www.metro.se if you want to make sure). Metro is not only available in Sweden, it's also available in The Netherlands. At the moment there is a big fight going on between two free train (and bus) papers in The Netherlands, Metro on the one hand, and Sp!ts (yes, spelled that way) on the other. Both papers are very much alike, with the notable difference that Sp!ts is neatly stapled together.

Metro Newspaper

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Cannott Spel

Great newspaper perhaps a bad idea from the printers.

Printed by the Daily Mail group whcih print the Daily Mail and the standard. In the mornings people choose to take the free Metro instead of buying the Mail

Metro Newspaper

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Huw B

I do not think that the Metro which is produced by Associated Newspapers is linked to newspapers of the same name in Sweden and the Netherlands. There is such a thing as coincidence!

Metro is not only available in London but also in Birmingham and possibly elsewhere in the UK. The Birmingham edition I saw discarded on a train was very similar to the London edition.

Metro also tends to contain a lot of articles that appeared word for word in the previous night's London Evening Standard (produced by the same people).

Metro Newspaper

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Cannott Spel

The publication has reached an all tim low, a couple of weeks ago I found a copy at the Barbers. Today though there I noticed yestadays copy at the dentist

Metro Newspaper

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Metro is also available on Lothian Buses in Edinburgh.

Metro Newspaper

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Researcher 167008

Interailing through Europe this summe, I found Metro was avaiable all over the place. That is, the brand and logo is the same, but the different editions provide localized content. Nevertheless, it's all run/licenced by the same company - or at least, I believe I read so in some other journal I found on the Copenhagen - Göteborg train...

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