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that's a very interesting theory. when i lived in birmingham i found that the free paper,called "metro", was given out at the bottom of the escalator from the pallasades shopping centre into birmingham new street station. the resulting hive of activity, rush of people (nothing to do with the newspaper, but everything to do with the rush hour) and fear of missing out, invariably led to the newspaper carriers being mobbed - despite the all day long presence of piles of the said newspaper in a stand at the foot of the escalator!

am i missing out on something?

birmingham metro

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Yvonne aka india

Hi blue

I used to travel through Snow Hill, one of the smaller stations in town centre. Everybody streamed off this train to their jobs in the city; once the rush was over I'd get onto an empty train to travel *out* of town, that had loads of copies of Metro scattered through it. I'd generally only skim through it but always tear out the puzzles page for later consumption smiley - smiley

birmingham metro

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Dr B

I use the bus service from Dudley to Oldbury every day, i dont feel complete without my Metro in the morning. I'll scour the bus from top to bottom deck looking for one, some kind person always seems to leave me a paper on the top deck at the front. Its quite pedantic really but i make sure im at the front of the que so i dont miss out.

The substance of the paper is awesome, lots of nice features and reads. Its a good bus journeys worth of reading.

One thing when i get my new car which is in 2 days time i'll sadly miss the Metro the most - i used to learn some great things on club nights, reviews, restaurants, music, tv and book reviews. Something i wont get every day like i do now.

God bless my favorite paper.

And full respect for Nemi !!

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