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Marmite time units

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Hi All,

For reasons unknown to me, my brain just came up with memories of marmite time units.

When I was at college many years ago, we used to use "marmite jar time" as a vague but long time period, relating to the long length of time it takes to finish a jar of Marmite.

Anyway, I did a google search to see if this was a generally understood notion and found this converstation on h2g2.

I was just wondering if Marmite time was a generally known notion.


Marmite time units

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Bassman - Funny how people never ceases to amaze me!

When I was in the RAF, one of the guys I used to work with used to eat Marmite out of the jar with a spoon - I like the stuff, but have always considered that - EXCESSIVE.

Does that throw a spanner in the works for your time theory, as it would effectively speed it up exponentially?

Bassman smiley - bikersmiley - cool

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