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GrumpyAlembic {Keeper of 143, comfort zones and vacillations }

Marmite and lettuce sarnies, Marmite on toast with scrambled eggs.smiley - magic

Are there any other known scrummy combinations?

Lettuce with a gladsom mind.smiley - biggrin

Lettuce Spray

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Marmite and jam sandwiches - especially strawberry jam.

Also Marmite and Philadelphia cheese spread sandwiches - makes the cheese taste like mature cheddar. Also good with cucumber.

Lettuce Spray

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Marmite and watercress sandwiches are an excellent addition to the Marmite lovers diet.

Lettuce Spray

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just plain ole tigger

ok here is another great one for marmite
toast some bread of your choice spread marmite strait onto the toast then spread dairylea cheese spread thickly on top and grill untill the dairylea is bubbling take out and eat it is absolutely lush.
i also put a teaspoonm of marmite in my gravy when making it for my sunday luch it just gives it a lovely bite and flavor am often asked how i make my gravy and when i tell people they often exclaim they never thought it was marmite as they hated marmite but loved my gravy how weird is that!!!!
smiley - biggrin

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