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What if you've been referred and they still don't have a diagnosis? They tell you you'll recieve a follow up appointment in 2 weeks and nothing comes and you're sat there waiting alomst 4 months later?

Ring them, I suppose but they're just gonna say 'we'll send you one as soon as possible' which is just plain not gonna happen!

This is a really good entry, by the way! *Claps*

But I was told I had Kidney stones back in February and they said if they don't come out themselves by the follow up apppointment (as I said, they were going to send me 'in 2 weeks') they'd see what else they could do.
My first thought *anyway* was 'yeah right' and still is! Cuz, well, it's almost July and nothing!
My stomach hasn't gotten *any* better and I have other pains that they're just ignoring.

It feels like they think I'm making it all up, I've been ill all my life due to Oesophageal Atresia (born without the oesophagus) and because I've been to the hopsital so many times, they just say it's 'growing pains'
It's *not* growing pains. How can growing pains stop you eating because it hurts too much once you've swallowed?


Sorry, bit of a rant.

But yeah, if you want a doc's attention to get an appt, follow what this entry suggests. It'll work!

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Yeah but...

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