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The Groob

Interesting entry. Incidentally, I found it throught the infinite improbability drive.

I'd like to ask you what on earth you did in the six weeks of the convulsions and uncertainty? Did you sleep? Did you continue to work? Could you eat normally? How much time did you spend at hospital and how much at home?


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Hi Guru Roghan Josh,

Thanks, glad you liked the Entry!

When I had my poorly daughter I also had a fifteen month old baby boy at home, so I was very much torn between the two of them.

My husband was working full time, and I was on maternity leave so didn't have to try to go to work as well.

Eating was really difficult, I wasn't up to much, and hospital policy was that they fed the children in hospital, but as a breast feeding mother you were on your own, so I grabbed food from the hospital canteen, which wasn't that great.

I think overall it was a case of just trying to get through the experience, I ended up kind of shell shocked, it was all one trauma after another for a period of several years.

My daughter is still alive and well, but not cured, she survives on a mixture of medications which she takes three times a day. Without them she'd die. She also went on to develop epilepsy, which was a bit of a blow on top of everything else.

All in all though, she's alive and that's the main thing. It was an incredibly traumatic experience though, and I learnt an awful lot about hospitals along the way.

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