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Bermondsey in South London is one of those areas that estate agents are trying to categorise as 'up and coming'. It's working pretty well already, considering the amount of empty crisp packets that have made their way into the area's doorways.

However, if you can accept that it's not the most beautiful or tidiest spot on God's earth, it is an exceptionally funky place to live. Where else can you buy everything for 99p, as long as your definition of 'everything' is a packet of 55 dusters and some East German biscuits?

Other cool things about Bermondsey:

  • You're exceptionally close to Tower Bridge.

  • Bermondsey might become part of the Jubilee Line Extension one day.

  • There are a lot of good libraries.

  • There's a very good/dodgy (depending on how you look at it) antiques market which has some ancient byelaw that says you can sell stuff there and nobody can to ask you where you got it.

  • All the roads in Bermondsey are Roman.

  • The Globe Theatre is here, which was fabulous until recently, when it became filled with tourists looking for Joseph Fiennes.

  • There are no celebrities living in the area.

  • You can still buy a house without giving up your newborn.

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