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YalsonKSA - "I'm glad birthdays don't come round regularly, as I'm not sure I could do that too often."

Much as it pains me to intrude on such a well-written piece on such a fine band, there are a couple of points that need clearing up, if only to add to the myth of the mighty KLF.

Firstly, when The KLF performed at the Brits with Extreme Noise Terror, the factor that prevented them from going through with the drenching of the crowd with blood and dead sheep, (which was supposed to follow the blood into the audience,) was not the lack of blood, but the fact that ENT are strict vegans and refused to have anything to do with the plan. The fact that Drummond fired blanks into the crowd was a last-minute compromise to inject a bit of spice into what would otherwise have been a conventional, if loud, performance.

Also, the sheep did not end its days 'backstage', but was actually dumped in the foyer of the Dorchester Hotel, where many of the industry guests were staying. Drummond also left a note with the carcass that read 'I died for you'.

Finally, the best part of the story of that evening was missed out entirely. This was that The KLF actually won an award that night, (I believe it was 'Best British Band', jointly with Simply Red of all people!) but had no idea that this was going to happen, so had departed from the inevitable backstage backlash in ENT's van as soon as they had come off stage. When someone phoned them to tell them they had won, and to get ready to collect their prize, they were aleady miles away. To get round this, they arranged for a motorcycle courier in full leathers and helmet to collect the prize for them, even asking the presenter to sign the collection docket.

It was this kind of behaviour, not just the great records, that made The KLF such a magnificent band.

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