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in case you were wondering; New Zealand rocks. I've been living in Belgium for three years now, and have never been anywhere that rocked any less than kiwiana. Except maybe Greece, but thats another story. Care to name any way that NZ is worse than belgium? See, you proved my point.

P.S. why is it that noone knows *anything* about NZ, except for the exact statistics of the number of sheep to humans? I dunno.

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

MrMann, for some positive comments about Godzone (NZ) check out a few of the postings on my page.

The sheep thing is a scurrilous myth spread by a few ignorant sons of the sheep stealers (Australians). There are far more sheep in Aus than NZ. Makes them easier to catch I suppose.


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Researcher 187649

Buzzy Bee is still being made, up in Warkworth I think.

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New Zealand is situated the same distance eastwards from Australia as
Moscow is from London,
London is from Moscow....

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Apparition™ (Mourning Empty the best uncle anyone could wish for)

C'mon loony tunes, Aussies are lovers not stealers smiley - winkeye

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Australia does, it's true, have more sheep than New Zealand. The oft-quoted statistic however is still impressive since it highlights the RATIO of sheep to humans (or near-humans like politicians, telemarketers and ISP helpdesk operators).

However the statistic is getting quite out of date now since New Zealand's wool export market has dropped significantly over the last decade, while our [near-]human population has increased quite a bit.

These days New Zealand has far less sheep-per-person than previously. Meanwhile Australia's sheep market, and population, seems to be booming. Might be time to do some research and update that statistic huh?

On a similar subject, I invite discussion on the old defacto Australian national anthem (before that whole Advance Australia Fair fiasco): Waltzing Mathilda.

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They are now made with (yellow) plastic wings. I think the (blue) wheels might be plastic as well. Bt the way, the buzzy bee is the best toddler's toy known to man.

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Though without doubt the greatest toy on earth the step away from wood that most kiwis know and love is truely shocking. Why can't someone make that an election issue?

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