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Never realized it's potential

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I thought the movie had the potential to be a good piece of enjoyable escapist entertainment, but it never seemed to get off the ground. The script needed a good dose of logic and purpose injected. And the ending was incredibly anticlimactic. I mean, Frost had the power. He was now supposed to be almost god-like, so incredibly powerful. But yet, he was killed by an injection of the same stuff that killed any other vampire, the concoction Whistler cooked up. The only difficulty he had was getting the stuff from where it had earlier fallen to use it. The movie ended up being a sometimes entertaining collection of action sequences with virtually nothing to connect them; a dark, somber mood so very obviously borrowed from the perpetually lighting challenged Tim Burton; and it then proceeded to end not with a bang, but merely a whimper. You mentioned what was arguably the movies best scene, the blood bath sprinkler system. The problem is, that was in the movies first five minutes!

Never realized it's potential

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The other author wrote about the blood-bath scene - I wrote most else - but I would agree that it was not as good as it could have been. Too much concentration on the action without much else. But the action was impressive, it just lacked story to back it up.

Apparently a "Blade 2" is being made.

Never realized it's potential

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Shaitan (Father of all Vampires, 1st Lord of the Wamphyri)

I must agree. I love all things Vampyre, and as far as action movies go, Blade was top-knotch. I'm just dying to see the alternate ending on the Australian DVD version. I did find it was far too predictable. I mean, the whole thing with his Mother? who didn't see that coming?

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