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Researcher 174882

To say you can have a drink in Antwerp is a bit like saying Politicians are sometimes a little insincere, Paraquat can give you indigestion or Stephen Hawking can't dance.

With no particular licensing requirements apart from "We'll close you if you make too much noise" leaves the real serious drinker with a vast choice of early/late/"christ its midday, I guess I'm going to work today" options...

Combine that with the wealth of Belgian beers, some of whom's strength sometimes leaves the first time visitor thinking they should be upside down behind the sofa. That is, if they could find:

1) Their sofa.
2) Their legs.
3) Up.

It would be inaccurate to say that Antwerp is just an alcoholics paradise. Its an adventurous or very lucky alcoholics paradise. But they would be missing the food. The relatively cheap and extremely plentiful amount of restaurants, especially around the Grote Markt, means that if any of them don't attempt to make you singlehandedly fat, they go out of business.

The waistline of the average Belgian middleaged male is consequently a problem such that narrow corridors are sometimes difficult to navigate. So the restaurants make sure their entrances are wide enough to keep their custom...

Throw in a compact red light district or two, the occasionally sunny weather and a european cafe culture, it becomes a place that once you've visited you tend to return to again and again...

Oh yes, and the Flemish people are very nice indeed...


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Yer Mom

And on the subject of having a drink, you can't miss Kulminator.

Any bar where, on sitting down, you're given a beer list *over an inch thick* has to be a winner smiley - smiley


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Researcher 174925

But do they have the right glasses to go with all that beer?


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Yer Mom

Well, I haven't tried the entire range, though this is on my list of Things To Do smiley - smiley, but they had the right glasses for all the ones I tried...


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Researcher 174925

Maybe you should make it your mission to catch out the barstaff and get them to serve the beer in the *wrong* glass...


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Researcher 221872

I live in Antwerp, great city. Off course we have the right glass for every kind of drink, doesn't everybody? lol

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