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This is why French Cuisine will always be thought of as superior to English Cookery - it sounds better. While Delphine et Jean-Christophe were growing up to be alimentarily sohisticated on pain perdu, I was lurching up on eggy bread.

In fact, it's not just the French: Pasta Carbonara for Luigi and Bruna, bacon-and-eggs-spaghetti for me. I grew up with cookery that does what it says on the tin, instead of having this Pavlovian reaction to the mere articulation of the delicacy to be had.

Ah, you say, but maybe Delphine, Jean-Christophe, Bruna and Luigi thought the same about English Cookery. I'm not sure, and the empirical evidence is that the continentals don't come to the UK to learn to cook. Les Francais are content to call us Les Rosbifs, summing up their opinion of the extent of our culinary skill.

In the end, though, the self-actualising effects of pain perdu are available to all, thank the great green arkleseizure. But does any of you aspire to the zen-like felling of oneness with the universe that follows a nice big plate of sausages and ice-cream?

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French Toast

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