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One of the weirdest things built of concrete is the Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth. It is not inherently weird, it is a perfectly dull and boring sixties concrete multistorey carpark cum market. However, the weirdness was applied by local government town planners a couple of years ago, when they slapped a preservation order on the collapsing, crumbling, hideous pile on the basis that it was an outstanding example of sixties architecture. Which indeed it was, but then so also were the towering council blocks of Birmingham and London...

While I'm online, nobody has mentioned yet that it was the Romans who invented concrete.


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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I'm stunned that anyone would want to preserve the Tricorn Centre.

I studied in Portsmouth back in the 80's, and even then I was head-spanked by just how horrible it was. My clearest memory is of wandering into a slightly more horrible piece of it than the rest and having the feeling that I had somehow walked on to part of the "Alien" set; all hanging chains and dripping water.

Nuke it.

Nuke it now.


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I second the motion. And third it, if necessary.
In fact, if anybody has access to a pile of gelignite and some detonators...


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This feat has now been successfully accomplished.

smiley - biggrin

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