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let me first say that i have suffered from alopecia on and off for over 20 years. mostly it isn't a problem but for a period of over 6 months i probably lost about half the hair on my head. because this is a physically harmless condition, don't expect much from your doctor. additionally, i am not convinced of the certainty with which the writer attributes this to auto immune disorders. no one seems to know what causes it so far as i have been able to establish. either way there isn't a cure.

a couple of things. unless you lose ALL of your hair, shaving your head isn't an especially good option. it works until you get the cranial equivalent of a 5 o'clock shadow. trust me, this looks every bit as bad as leaving it alone. and shaving your head twice a day (this takes a lot longer than shaving your face i might add) is probably beyond the capacity of most normal, working people. also, there is a perception among the community that irregular hair loss is somehow related to mental illness or irregularity. not only will you be embarrassed about looking crappy, you will fairly quickly become aware that people are presuming you are an escaped mental patient.

the good news is that in most cases your hair will regrow within a few months or so. the bad news is you will probably get it again.

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