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Being a fairly new resident here ( I still consider myself new after 5 years) I still have not explored MK or kept up with all of the new additions,
It did at first feel empty and soul-less but as you say it grows on you, just about everything is available(unless you want pokey old smelly interesting shops full of the wiered and wonderfull, i have to go out of MK for that kind of thing)
The car thing though is a pain, me not having one at the moment that is, the place is so big and the busses so irrational(but i shant get into that) it can make life quite difficult at times, but generaly i like it now, cows and all.
Would love to be able to do a proper pub crawl though

Milton Keynes

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Hidman_Zero Ninja Blu-Tack Warrior - (former) ACE [1+56-(4+3+8)=42]

I'm a student at Stantonbury Campus, and I've never lived anywhere else, but I like it, it does have a weird atmosphere sometimes, but it always seems to suprise the more you explore, I'm not planning on living here the rest of my life, but I'm glad I grew up here, it's been good for first experiences...

Milton Keynes

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pub crawls, you miss, well I have lived in MK for just over a year and enjoyed many a pub crawl, both Fenny and Stony Stratford offer many local pubs, to help with a pub crawl. I must admit that's the worSt thing about MK that all the pubs are theme pubs, and the town centre pubs are all too trendy for quiet drink!

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