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Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes is a very weird place indeed. I can remember tagging along to a conference there - me and my friend were wandering around the centre - only about 4 pubs that we could find - bad sign already. I managed to get us barred from the pub in the glass pyramid thing because I had holes in my jeans - definitly not the sort of clientele they were hoping to encourage (it was empty by the way) although I could stillwander around the rest of the complex putting my money into the slot machines etc as long as I didn't attempt to buy a beer in there I was OK.
Also - the streets all run north to south and east to west - every subway is identical. The only means of navigation was to examine the graffitti on each subway - turn left as BAZ LUV SHAZ.

Not a city centre as such - just a weird bizarre place, god knows why anyone would live there - absolutely no characer whatsoever.

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Milton Keynes

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