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Researcher 54456, Thong

As an American of Scandinavian descent.. I've tried Lutefisk once and that was enough for one lifetime... thanks. People who are eager to sample Scandinavian food, try Lefse instead.. it's a little less causetic.. and doesn't jiggle quite as much.


Scandahoovian food

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Paranoid Viking

I love lefse, but it has to have goats cheese on it. Nothing else will do.

Scandahoovian food

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Random Task

Butter and Brown Suger... mmmmMmMmmm

I agree it's the only thing I like goat cheese on.

Scandahoovian food

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Greasy Pirate

Lefse has got to be my favorite part of my Norwegian heritage. I'm not saying I don't like herring, but lefse with butter and sugar is what it is all about.

Scandahoovian food

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Researcher 153488

I'm Norwegian, born and bred, and well, I can't stand lutefisk for the life of me. See, it didn't take a single drop of aquavite to get that confession! Every once in a while when that wobbling thing of undefined colour can be found on the dinner table, I stick to the potatoes. Maybe with some of the sweet mustard-based sauce. (Meant for the "fisk"; it's not fisk anymore, is it?)
I'd take gammelost (vintage cheese) ahead of lutefisk any time. *LOL*

Scandahoovian food

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Merdo the Grey, Patron Saint of fuzzy thinking

Not being of scandinavin descent, but having lived here for a generation, I love lutefisk. I feel very deeply that if a creature has been so throughlt mishandles in order to make it edible, it is our duty to try it. Lutefisk is the ultimate yang-food ... food to carry you through the winter.

The jiggly consistency isn't worse than, say, jello. Just think of it as aged fish-flavoured jello served with bacon fat topping and potatoes.

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