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Is this the best h2g2 can do?

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I've just joined h2g2, and went to check out the entry on "Poetry" so I could get an idea of the quality of the writing and information here. If this entry is a representative example, the quality isn't high.

The information is meagre, opinionated, and often inaccurate. The writing seems to ambition humour, but falls some considerable way short.

I see that similar criticisms of this entry were made some years ago, but there's little sign of anything having been improved. If this entry *is* representative, my stay here will be brief.

Is this the best h2g2 can do?

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I too am a published poet however the poetry always comes from the heart & soul not always the grammer or the lengthy wording.

In order to improve your works you must first try and understand the wordings of others there-in giving yourself a wider use of vocabulary smiley - smiley

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Is this the best h2g2 can do?

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