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on own's poetry

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If I want to write down my own poems - would this be the right place?

(ahem, since most of them are German you don't have to fear much, at the moment there are only one or two English written poems that came out of my feather)



on own's poetry

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Ginger The Feisty

You can, or you can post them on your own space. smiley - smiley

on own's poetry

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that would be a good idea as well (at least not too many people would see them then, so not too many people will call me crazy) smiley - winkeye

on own's poetry

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If they call you crazy then this is surely a compliment.It means you are willing to go to the edge of your awareness and nudge your boundaries a little this is being a risk taker and is courageous in my view.smiley - smiley

on own's poetry

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hello joyfuljulia
I had forgetten about this conversation - so thanks for the reminder that I wanted to write poems.... smiley - smiley

on own's poetry

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i love write poems too, especially love poems.
Thought you might find this helpful: www.lovepoems-lovepoetry.com

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