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cinquain challenge

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Poetry. The very word sends you to sleep doesn't it? The first thing is obvious. We need a jazzy new word for 'poetry'.
While you're all thinking about that one here's a 'poem' (new word required here also) so that you know what a poem looks like.
This example is a cinquain (which is a great word) and which is a work of 5 lines with sylbl. count as shown.

Driving (2)
in light-speed chair (4)
careering through black holes (6)
curving space into a nutshell ... (8)
Hawking! (2)

All words in the poem must be meaningful and to the point as in this example (author:midnightreddragon) - e.g. 'nutshell' comes from the title of a famous book by Prof. Hawking.

Why not write a cinquain? They are far more interesting and challenging than the haiku.

cinquain challenge

Post 2


You don't seem to have got many cinquains!
I tried one below. Sorry it turned out sad.

Green blue
planet turning
rainforests are burning
ice-fields melting, storm tides flooding

smiley - sadface

cinquain challenge

Post 3


i see
light in your eyes
illuminated stars
the splendor of a galaxy

cinquain challenge

Post 4

Christopher Slater-Walker

At work
The boss is dense
Working here is futile
Consciousness, like life, ebbs away
Oh, home!

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