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The Citgo Sign

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No, this is not a new sign of the zodiac. Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, plays host to the Boston Red Sox, a major league baseball team. The stadium building has a number of distinctive architectural features, one of which is in fact not a part of the ballpark at all. It is a large sign advertising Citgo gasoline, that stands atop a building across the street. The sign lights up in various ways at night, and adds a bit of Las Vegas to the otherwise stoic Boston ambience.

Red Sox fans have become attached to this sign to an extraordinary degree. When Citgo considered removing the sign, public outcry made them change their minds. The plans for the new park to replace Fenway were drawn up so as to ensure that the Citgo sign is still visible. Some years, watching the sign has been more enjoyable than watching the game itself.

When petrochemicals are rendered obsolete in the far future, will the Citgo sign still remain?

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