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It is well known that sushi is the preferred sustinence of incredibly fit attractive people who have recently finnished a pilates work-out and want to grab some energy that is not going to linger on the hips

note the modern usage of the term "wasabi" in the vernacular of the modern trendy sushi establishment which refers to the similarity in the experience of ingesting a large quantity of super spicy horseradish mustard that instantly clenses and empties the synal cavities surrounding the brain and breifly causes the cessation of function in each hemisphere while enjoying a modern trendy, light and healthy sushi snack and the experience of recieving a sudden influx of outrageously fit and gorgeous patrons, the apprehension of whos utterly ravishing figures completely empties the interior of the brain and breifly causes the cessasion of function in each hemisphere, while working as a staffmamber in a trendy modern sushi establishment

This has lead to rise of WASABI! as the double entendre, meaning oh my god I have forsaken all thought in response to the intensity of this situation and why does my noes always run when I'm trying to look cool infront of someone I'd like to meet later on tonight?

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