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buy it in a tube

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Researcher 189943

After trying some in a tube, and later trying a dried mix with water, the wasabe in a tube appears to be much hotter.

The proper mixture, when tasted, seems to travel through the nervous system of the skull. At this point the mouth drapes open, the eyes and the nose start to water, and a partial paralysis begins.

After this, if a large enough amount is taken, the paralysis travels to the spine and begins what could only be a metaphor for rigormortis.

Seconds later the feeling goes away, leaving the taster with watery eyes and nose.

Paired with sushi, wasabe is thought of a tasy adventure.

buy it in a tube

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Frankie Roberto

Ah, yes, but isn't it great?

I agree it's best when it's in the tube - and it can go on many things - crackers with little bits of fish on them are a good choice.

The whole sensation is a bit like hot mustard, but as you say, more nasal.

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