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Oishii! (Delicious)

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The entry looks pretty good. Just a couple of suggestions for additions:

Two other types of sushi include "inari-zushi," a purse-shaped deep fried tofu skin, filled with the vinagared rice mixed with vegetables like carrot bamboo shoot and shiitake mushrooms, and "chirashi-zushi," just the aforementioned rice mix, along with sesame seed, shredded seaweed, and shredded egg sprinkled on top.

If you're lucky, the restaurant may serve "shiso" instead of/in addition to mint leaves. It resembles mint in shape, but has a more pungent, powerful flavor.

"aka dashi" is one type of miso soup commonly found at a sushi restaurant. It is a rusty red color, and is often served with the chunks of fish (bones and all) that were used to make the soup base.

Oishii! (Delicious)

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Gosh! A newcomer and already so knowledgeable!

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