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Dopamine highs

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Cheerful Dragon

According to a book called 'Why Men Don't Iron' by Anne and Bill Moir, men have typically higher dopamine levels than women. Dopamine is released whenever men do something risky that pays off (e.g., dodgy overtaking maneuvers, abseiling, rally driving) which is why men enjoy taking risks. In fact, if you could bottle the chemicals produced after a risk has paid off, the result would probably be classed as a controlled substance Women don't get this effect to the same extent, and we have more seratonin which makes us more cautious.

I'm quoting this from memory 'cos I can't be bothered to get the book out. If I've got anything wrong, please let me know.

Dopamine highs

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yeah, dopamine rules ! it does lots of other funny things too, apart controlling reward systems, it can also in certain parts of the brain induce halluciations and delusions, lack of dopamine (to be specific, loosing the dopamine neurons) can induce funny movement disorders as Parkinsonism or tics in the face or tongue.
i know all this because i was forced to write my thesis about it. come to think about it, i am the dopamine doctor ! now i have to speed up my dopamine release, so i light another cigarette.


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Dopamine highs

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Hi there,
I am a student in health sciences and have an interest in how thought affects our physiology, (the power of the mind)! I would be very interested in reading your thesis re dopamine.
Christina Driscoll

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