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but what if...

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Martin Harper

... you are like my friend, who turns her bed on its side, and takes her mattress on the floor and sleeps on it, surrounded by wall at her feet and left side, the cagelike effect of the bottom of the bed chassis on the right, and the headboard rotated through 90 degrees at the top.

She can't get out of bed on either side - she has to wriggle through the small gap at the top of the bed between the headboard and the wall...

but what if...

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Researcher 190210

maybe your 'friend' should use a hammock.

but what if...

Post 3

Martin Harper

Yeah well - she apparently likes the feeling of protection she gets when caged in... smiley - weird

but what if...

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Doesn't she get worried about all the things she can't see when caged in like that? I like to be able to see as much as possible of the room from my bed. That way I have time to discover and prepare a defence against whatever horrors apporach, e.g. cheerefull monrning people.

/R the smiley - spider

but what if...

Post 5

Martin Harper

Well, you could see through the bottom of the bed: it was one of those with criss-crossed springy wire...

Lost contact with her now, though smiley - sadface

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