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June Chadwick

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who plays Janine in the movie.

about this time there was a wacky lady sculptress also called June Chadwick who came up with an artistic idea worthy of Spinal Tap, or even Yoko Ono.

she created and marketed what she called "Pi$$ Flowers", based on the random cavities made when she squatted over deep snow and allowed her own "meltwater" to selectively burn through the snow. These cavities were later filled with low-melt wax and were then cast in bronze and sold to gullible dopes, whoops sorry art connisseurs.

Was this the same June/Janine?

(I very vaguely heard that June Chadwick the sculptress may have died in the middle nineties, which might discount this)

June Chadwick

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the_jon_m - bluesman of the parish

Imdb says that June Chadwick was still in work in 2000

June Chadwick

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The sculptress or the actress?

Ah, must be a case of "same name, different lives" then - bit like the way Jim Morrison, last seen going "glug glug" in a bath in Paris circa 1971, has unaccountably re-appeared in the current pop charts in 2006 as "James Morrison", despite (a) crap song, (b) unmemorable voice and (c) no Doors...

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