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ULTIMATE conceptual art?

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Dandelion Pegleen

Apart from the coastline of Norway - a recent example of conceptual art at its most outrageous (and some would say, artistic) would be the end of year project of some British Art students.

I can't remember what year it was, or which university / institution. But a group of about 20 VERY clever students persuaded their college to fork over cash for their conceptual art installation. The actual piece of art turned out to be the look on the faces of the lecturers as the students emerged from the arrivals gate at the local airport, seemingly tanned and just returning from a holiday allegedly funded by their grant.

The ensuing brouhaha said that the students hadn't actually blown their grant but had hidden at friends' houses to make it appear as if they had.

Whatever the ACTUAL truth of this work of conceptual art, I highly laud and applaud it. Those young people should go far.... smiley - smiley

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ULTIMATE conceptual art?

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