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Fast Food

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Researcher 31974 aka Gemini

This real meaning of the word "Fast Food" is the speed at which the waitress or waiter turns back to you with the response "I'm sorry we are not serving that yet"
Please note any intergalatic travelers that you have more chance of wnjoying Vogon Poetry than you have of getting a burger at 5am at Heathrow Airport. Believe me i've tried

Fast Food

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Marvin T Android

Although having said that, it can be quite a rewarding experience trying to get fast food at heathrow airport. Having worked there for a summer, I can guarentee that such a thing does not exist there. However, I amused myself at the time by counting that number of people who actually expected the food to be a) Fast, b) Cooked, c) Edible, and d) at a reasonable price!!!

Fast Food

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I always thought the "fast" in "fast food" referred to how you had to starve yourself for some time afterwards to make up for the "empty calories" you partook of.

Just kidding. I only just came up with thatt. No, I've always understood the "fast" to refer to the fact that the person eating it didn't have to spend time making it first.

Fast Food

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No, no, no. You have it all wrong! They call it "Fast Food" because it moves through the bowels of most people at a really fast pace. Strangely enough, that happens to me when I eat something from Macca's (Mickey D's)...

Fast Food

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OK, I agree with fast, but food...?!

Fast Food

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You don't think it's called Fast Food because after eating it you want to give up food entirely and go on a fast ?

Fast Food

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fast food is an oxymoron

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