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problems with cars

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Minifig Thom

what could also be noted is that cars can act as highly effective tools of death when in the wrong hands, and often when in the right hands. they also do their best to gradually destroy our planets ability to hold life as we know it through the greenhouse effect.

it may also be pointed out that any alien life form visiting the planet may take cars as the form of life on this planet and us as opportunist parasites. this could explain why aliens apparently keep taking people out of their cars - maybe they are attempting to cure the poor afflicted car as it drives through kansas in the hope that this may put forward their peaceful intentions.

problems with cars

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"They (cars) also do their best to gradually destroy our planets ability to hold life as we know it through the greenhouse effect."

~quoted from "Minifig Thom"'s post

According to the same crackpot scientists’ reports, cows also wear away at the ozone with the emotion of noxious fumes. Statistics show having a quarter pound of steak (or any other weight of different by products) does equivalent damage to the upper stratosphere as a gallon of gas and just as much to heat our planet to a fiery apocalypse. It is also important to note that cows graze over large amounts of land that could be used for harvest. So while 70,000 pounds of celery could be growing in one acre of land, it is instead, for some unknown reason (perhaps the indefinable draw to drive under golden arches) used for gazing buy these globally injurious cows, while many, many people starve. So for any of you who wish to help reverse the damage and loose much of your weight added by fat, start a diet solely composed of celery.

Several conclusions can be drawn from this. First most, that if cows were fast and shiny that they would be as likely to be driven by earthlings and have possibly disguised themselves to avoid such circumstances. Secondly, since most inhabitants of India will not harm cows and highly honor them, these people may actually be bent on the gradual destruction of earth itself. Third most, cows are in fact inherently evil by nature. There are many other perspectives formed and there isn’t room enough on the server to store them all, but if you feel any of them is important to express, anyone is welcome to site them.

NOTE! IMPORTANT! DISCLAIMER!: This entire post was based on propagandist pantalets based on the research and logical method of the half-baked, ill-considered, and severely underdeveloped ideologically and overly aggressive in pushing propaganda viewpoints and agendas, of scientists that were sited above. Any viewpoints in this post are not exactly that of its poster’s but more their skepticisms of such blind following of such.

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