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The Martini People

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We wouldn't need the crazy machines to get us back into general good health or "into shape" if people excercise a little self control, we are our own worst enemy, everyone wanting the good life, rich food, booze,and fast cars, forgetting that your body can only take so much yet on the flip side society has created the image of perfection, sleek firm and beautiful - a generation of martini people, something for us to aspire to and become depressed about when we don't attain the beautiful sleek figures paraded to us in magazines and on catwalks, not realising their lifes are as much a prison as the lives of people that torment themselves with the images of the goddess's on tv - you're not allowed to have a "bad day", media notice if you put on 1lb, and the time that all the magical potions in the world cannot put off finally comes around - ageing, you're dropped. Hell, for the money they make - I'll pout and tell Versace "I love your work Dahling"and run into the toilets crying when I discover my bubbly was spiked with a calorie................

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The Martini People

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