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Em, ever met such an annoying person who wants to sell drugs to you? In Amsterdam there are hoards of them (and for one reason or other they always assume that I'm the one to buy their stuff)... And since I never encountered dealers somewhere else I'm tempted to think they are another rather typical feature of this nice city.
Never buy that crap! Otherwhise you'll face trouble with the skating agents!


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If you go to Amsterdam, they try to sell you drugs.
If you go to the book store, they try to sell you books.
If you go to Salt Lake City, they try to sell you religion.

That's wat they call target markets....


BTW, Do you happend to have messy hair, a pale skin, old and dirty clothes and a needle still pointing out of your arm? That might explain why they offer you drugs that much smiley - winkeye


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Darth Whippy

yes had the same problem when in amsterdam last year but the night life and the beer made up for it.


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I live in Amsterdam and I am sure that you do not get people trying to sell you drugs all over the city (well not in my street at least). However, I know there are some areas where it is pretty bad and annoying. The best tips to avoid it that I know are:

1. Obvious first - avoid areas known for drug pushers (Dam / Damstraat and the Redlight district) - yes I know this is not easy, but it is worth a try smiley - smiley
2. Avoid making eye contact with them. If they approach you (you can usually tell that they are a bit dodgy) do not reply to them ignore them and walk on not making eye contact. If they get a reply or eye contact they are like a bloody door-to-door sales person with their foot in the door.
3. Use a bike. Not a tourist hire job with a great big label that says "I am a tourist bike" or whatever, ideally it should be a beaten up, 3 times stolen, no visiable brakes and definitely no lights local one. This tends to make the pushers think you are a local and they avoid you. I think I have the address of a hire company that hires this type of bike somewhere. When I find it I will post it just in case it is useful.

There is much more to Amsterdam than drug pushers, sex and rollerblading cops. There's the semi naked golden man on a bike, there's the house with the big yellow tap on it, there's the shop that just sells toothbrushes etc, etc. I am not making these things up really. It's a city that's really a village and it is the best place ever


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I live in Amsterdam too (although not for long, just 6 weeks ago is when I moved here.)I agree with your sensible advice about dealers, they are all over the place but a few precautions can make life easier. I have seen some of the sights you mention (the naked golden man) but what of the house with the tap and the toothbrush shop?

Tell me more!


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sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but I haven't looked at this thread for a few weeks.

The toothbrush shop is called the Witte Tandenwinkel at Runstraat 5, which is close to the Leidsegracht between the Prinsengracht and the Keizersgracht.

Sadly I think the yellow tap has gone. It used to be on the Tuinstraat, but I have not been down there for a long while.

Glad you've seen the naked golden man, no-one outside the city believes me about this.

There are other things, but I cannot remember many of them right now. I'll let you know some more when my brain is working properly again. BTW do you enjoy living here?


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I also live in Amsterdam and while I have seen the naked man on rollerblades in February, I have not seen the guy on the bike!

Has anyone been to the bed restaurant? It has to be the most bizarre eating experience I have ever come across.


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I'm coming to Amsterdam in a few weeks. What is this about a bed resturant!?? Please explain?


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I think the bed restaurant is called the Supper Club. I have some friend who've been there and they say that it is really good fun, you lie on mattresses with big cushions and eat. They said the food is alright, but the overall experience is excellent and totally different.

You need to book. The address and phone number:

Jonge Roelensteeg 21
Tel: +31 (0)20 638 0513


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Researcher 114427

If you want a totally different eating experience you should try Dine&Dance On A-Location. It is basically organised by a group of cool people who provide a 4 course meal and DJ's for approx 85fl. It is held in a different location everytime. I went to one in a TV Studio. The food was fantastic and I stayed in the club part until about 4am.
The booking number (if anyone is interested) is 020 - 620 75 22 or 06 - 55 372 872.


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I liked the Article (the first I've read on h2g2). I was in Amsterdam just 2 weeks ago - my fourth visit there. A lovely city. I think the entry would benefit by mentioning one or two other features of the city (canals, beer and diamonds spring to mind).

I also wondered if the claim that Prostition was legal was correct? I have a recollection that the Time Out guide said it was illegal, but you wouldn't know it. They even have Unions and are taxed. Sounded like it was decriminalised to me.

Right - off to read my second article :o).



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I think your right with the decriminilised thing......

I have just moved from the UK to the Netherlands, although I don't live in Amsterdam I do work there and agree it is a lovely city, some of the extra benifits are the architecture and character of the city.

(And just like you Amsterdam was the first article I read here hehe)



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I've just come back from a few days in Amsterdam - stayed about 25 m from Dam Square - and nobody offered to sell me anything: I'm really disappointed!

I did find some canabis in the loo at Schippol airport on the way back, though...


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To make everything a bit clearer:
1 Prostitution IS legal in Amsterdam. I live in Amsterdam and prostitution has been declared legal a few months ago. That does however mean that there are rules now, eg: every prostitute needs to wear an id of some sort all the time so clients and cops cn confirm that she's a legal prostitute (though I have no idea how the heck prostitues are supposed to wear an ID when they're naked and having sex).
2 You won't find drugdealers in every part of Amsterdam. You will only find them in the heart of the city and in some of the suburbs. Don't try looking for drugs in suburbs like "Bos en Lommer" or "Sloterdijk" or you will be looking for a LONG time (though there is a small chance that you will find a dealer).
3 FEBO is the best place to eat: cheap, fast and delicious



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So how was it? (DINE&DANCE)

Im goin back out in the new year and thinkin of checkin it out. How much is 85fl, is it about 50-60 Quid?

Are those numbers still gonna be in use?

What sort of tunes do they play?

RSVP ASAP PLSsmiley - biggrin

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