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Vasquez doesn't fire the hand pistol in the air vents. Janette Goldstein didn't have a firearms licence. So Gail Ann Hurd doubled her for that scene.

Micheal Biehn uses the same shotgun that he used when he played Kyle Reese in Terminator. He also gets bitten on the hand (by newt) and this also happened to him in Terminator & The Abyss.

Micheal Biehn didn't do any of the SAS training with the other actors, James Cameron felt this allowed his character to be more detached from his troop.

Newt is occasionally replaced by a full life sized latex casting of her for scenes where Sigourney Weaver has to run with her on her back or be near fire or explosives. She was always told where the fire safety personnel and crew were for all scenes to make filming less scary and stressful on her.

The boy riding his tricycle around Hadleys Hope in the deleted scenes is a Homage to The Shining.

This film contains the best but least seen or least noticed goof in the whle Alien series. That NONE of the Marines are wet when they first walk inside Hadleys Hope. (after Hudson runs a bypass, but it is raining hard outside).

The man playing Sgt Apone had real-life previous military experience.

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triva for the film

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