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Puente - "bridge" - law?

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Puente law?. I´ve been living in Spain my whole life and never heard of this law. I should check with my employer, he´s been cheating on me!!
Now, seriously, there is no law like that. Usually, if a holyday is on a Thursday, some employers (usually the civil service), can have holiday on Friday as well. Equally, if it´s on Tuesday, some can take Monday free. But there is no law.
And by the way, we have approximately the same holydays as everyone else in Europe. No statistics that I can remember right now, just take my word.

Puente - "bridge" - law?

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frog in a sock

Being from Spain, you may be able to give me a little insight. I am from Australia, I'm not old or very wise and have never travelled. However, I have latley been researching Spain, as I am doing some work on the Opera, Carmen (A mock-project). I find myself going around in circles. What I'm reading tells me Spain is a country which lives in a very traditionl, stereotyped Spain. I am by no means in a flanalette shirt eating shrimps from the barbie! In fact we call them prawns! I don't expect a spainard is their stereotype any more than I am mine. I find myself getting frustrated as most things contradict themselves and I find it hard to get the right 'feel' and idea of the country. Are there any web sites you could direct me to?


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