A Conversation for Cows

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Otis of the foggy feet

Where did cows come from? Most have seen domesticated cows, but is there such a thing as a wild cow? There must have been at some point. I would be extremely interested if anyone has any information on the subject.


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Bez (arguaby the finest figure of a man ever found wearing Bez's underwear) <underpants>

A seem to vaguely remember some sort of prehistoric type called an auroch (or somethin simmilat), then of course buffalo, bison and oxen are all relatives.


I wonder...

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Gilgamesh of Uruk

Aurochs - wild ox. Banteng - Javanese wild ox. Musk Ox. There are (or were) numerous wild bovines. The nearest we get in this country now are the Vaynol and the White Park, both of which exist under feral conditions, rather than truly wild.

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