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smiley - cheerssmiley - ta Vienna is one of my favourite cities. A lot to do and you can walk to most of it quite easily. The Gustav Klimt "Beethoven Frieze" in the Secession building is one of my favourite things there, but there is not much else in there (at least there wasn't last time I went) however the building itself is well worth a look.

You can go to the music museum and have a go at conducting the Vienna Phil (on an interactive thingy). If you get it right they all stand up and applaud you, but get it wrong and they stop playing and shout at you in German!

Great place to eat smiley - chocsmiley - cake drink smiley - coffee and watch the world go by too. smiley - magic

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

smiley - biggrin thanks

In fact I've never been in the Secession myself, although I see it every time I go to uni.</>smiley - blushsmiley - laugh

And yes, the music museum (Haus der Musik) is good. I thought about adding it, but then wasn't sure. smiley - huh We were there with school some day.

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One of my favourite memories is a hot day a couple of Summers ago. I was staying with a friend, it was about midnight, and we walked into the city from her apartment, bought icecream, and walked back eating the ice creamsmiley - biggrin.

Also many happy memories of concerts at the Musikverein...smiley - magic

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

smiley - cool sounds great

one of my scariest memories: staying at uni till nearly midnight (not really voluntarily) and then going home alone on the U-Bahn.

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Ahhhh yes that reminds me of another memory. I was staying in a hotel this time but had been to my friends place for the evening. She assured me the U-Bahn ran until after midnight, so it was quite late when I left. It was Feb I think (or Jan) either way it was very cold and snow was lying on the ground.

I caught the train but had to change to get to my hotel. And horror of horrors the last train from the station I was changing at had gone. I don't speak German and I didn't know where I was (other than somewhere in Vienna). I had a map, and I found the U-bahn station on it
but I had no idea which was the right road to walk down towards my hotel. I wandered about for a bit not seeing anything familiar or any street signs to indicate where I was, and was starting to panic, it was about 1am by this time and I was very very cold....(although I must say I did not feel at all threatened, and I'm sure I would in some cities).

Then I spotted a taxi. I flagged him down, showed him on my map where my hotel was, and all was well!!

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

smiley - yikes

You were very lucky then.smiley - smiley

Well, it's certainly not as bad as in other cities, but alone in the dark at midnight isn't really what I like. But all went well. I even caught the last train home.

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