A Conversation for Fax Machines

...and email really can replace fax...

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Smiley Ben

You can now receive faxes (and almost certainly also send them) using email, and the page comes to you as a graphic over the phone line and onto your hard disk!

...and email really can replace fax...

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Unless you're running my amazingly old fax software and have to convert your graphic into a black and white .tiff and then into a very low quality fax format so that Lara Croft ended up looking like Ena Sharples by the time it reached my mate's hotel.

...and email really can replace fax...

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The Dancing Tree

Or my software that gets very very confused when it's told to print to fax instead of my trust colour printer.

...and email really can replace fax...

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E-mail is also better for the enviroment! Save the Trees!

...and FAXs can read email...

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Yer state-of-the-art, all singing, all dancing FAX machine can now receive email messages (including images, attachments etc.) and print them out in glorious monochrome. It can also send Faxes to email addresses, or to other FAX machines via the internet (phone # to phone # via internet). All without having to use a PC, and at the amazing rate of 14.4kb/s. Well, it's not bad if you are a computer phobe. Even my mother can use one. It's only a matter of time before colour FAX machines arrive.

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