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One of the worst aspects of the fax machine is the use of bulk-faxing facilities to send adverts or press releases.
In our office, we received a Friends of the Earth fax once every two days that was put into a non-recycling bin without being looked at. The amount of paper that this green organisation must have wasted (even after being informed, by e-mail) was incredible.

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The Dancing Tree

Auto-dialers are worse. I have one that keeps coming through to my phone-line at work. Due to it being an internal system I can't use dial-back to find out the number. Hence, every two weeks or so I get half an hour of bring bring (pick up) beeeeeeeeeeeee (put down) bring bring ...


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Zebedee (still Pool God after all these years)

Why not transfer the call to your fax - we have the same problem but our fax machine is connected to the internal network so we can easily dump those nuisance fax calls. Though it's more fun to transfer it to somebody you don't like. Especially if they get easily wound up and have loads to do.

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