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Very interesting article which reminded me of all the laughs they gave me in the late sixties up to and including today. I bought 'Cornology' last year and am glad I've got it.
After Mrs Betty Fench had won the car competition; the man at the door (a very 'nice' young man) asked her what she'd prefer, the car or the the money? she asked for the money. The man then asks her what she's going to do with it. She replied, "I think I'll become an alcoholic." From 'Rhinocratic Oaths'-Doughnut In Grannie's Greenhouse.

Brilliant Stanshall lines.

A couple of questions.

How many versions of Rawlinson's End did Viv release? I know of the single track on 'Let's Make Up & Be Friendly', I remember John Peel playing excerpts (was this from the album which I haven't yet heard?)
Then I remember the 5 part version played on R4 a few Christmasses ago.
Of course there was the film mentioned in the article. Were the Peel pieces from the album? Or from the 5 part R4 broadcast.
Didn't Viv also do another album about somewhere in South Africa? (Something about someone ((Henry?)) at the kraal).

"Got a light Mac?"
"No but I've got a dark brown overcoat." Big Shot.

Great music, great comedy. smiley - laughsmiley - laughsmiley - laugh

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BDDB & Rawlinson

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