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Bibas, don't go there man.

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The Preacher

In all honesty I have never actually gone inside Bibas. I've just heard stories and walked past it.

There used to be a 20 metre stretch outside Bibas where I had to hold my breath walking through. A burger van would be parked outside the front door of Bibas giving off the most disgusting smell of beef and pork fat (by the way, I'm not a vegetarian). I couldn't understand how anyone would go in to a club that smelled like that and how people could stand there by that van.

Also, one of my mates met a female ex-con who scared the bejasus out of him.

Bibas, don't go there man.

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Researcher 226008

It's amazing that still so many people pass judgment on face value.

Biba's do not own the food van out the front so they have no way of moving it on.

The music is more upto date than anyother club in Bromley and the atmosphere is not dropped by young, rude and mannerless clubbers.

(Oh! and buy the way - they don't play seventies and eighties music all night as people seem to claim).

Bibas, don't go there man.

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Biba's -

do go there man

- if you want a retro themed club, that hasn't changed for 40 years, a place in bromley that hasn't got a pikey/burberry feel to it and that has plenty of Mother Daughter Combinations and a rack so finely presented that no other boobs come near - get there now.

What other club has mirrors everywhee and a water feature?

Plus...would you like to see the amazing old lady that hasn't aged for 30 years - go to the top bar and marvel at her beauty.

Bibas is the best club in Bromley

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