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Pottery Classes are great fun; people of all ages and abilities can relax and enjoy developing their creativity and dexterity in a Pottery Workshop. In most areas there are local pottery classes and apart from doing something completey different, you will get the opportunity to make new friends or you can go along as a family if they have family workshops.
How do you begin? Pottery equipment is very costly so it's best to begin by joining a local pottery class - find out by asking at your local library or use your local phone book to find a local potter who may be kind enough to open their workshop to the general public.
Pottery is very therapeutic, enabling the potter to focus, invent, develop and decorate a diverse variety of funcional and non-functional objects... there's nothing better than getting up in the morning and drinking a cup of tea or mug of coffee in a vessel made by your own hands... it brings a smile to your face on the dreariest of Monday mornings!
Pottery is a practical skill learned over time and with a good teacher you could soon be making your own unique artifacts to beautify your home and garden... and of course, those of your friends if they're fortunate enough to recieve one of your hand-made presents!
How deep do you want to go... for Pottery is a vast subject involving Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics etc.
So... if you want to Throw a Pot, Play with Fire and Learn to be Innovative and more Creative - with the bonus of a useful Product at the end of all this... go on... find out where your local Pottery Classes are run... relax and have fun!
And if you happen to live in Mid-Essex you could email me: [email protected]

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