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Congratulations on what is definitely an informative and well written article... and interesting too!

It sounds like a great sport... if I ever take up sport, I'll look into Judo. But it doesn't seem likely smiley - smiley.

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Thanks! It's always nice to know that people like what you do!

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I used to do judo a while ago but gave up, as a lot of people did from getting constant headaches after doing breakfall practice. I like the article and it is very informative, I was unaware that it was so popular worldwide however.

However I believe that Judo has been very useful since I gave it up. On many occasions I have tripped over and prevented injuries by rolling but it became so ingrained that I once automatically did a breakfall when I was supposed to be rolling into a swimming pool. It has also increased my self confidence so I don't feel intimidated when walking dowm dark streets, I feel that I am able to handle anything that happens because of the training I had.

I see only one problem with the article. You say that Judo is of no use in a fight. I disagree with this. The lack of punches and kicks means that starting an assault is difficult (proven in bouts against novices when I attempted to take up Judo again this year) but it is designed to move an attacker away from you, using their own momentum to defeat them. There are a select number of moves that are very useful when someone attacks you, less useful if you are attacking them. But it is a martial art, so it must be of some use in combat.


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