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SmartGamer, Keeper of That Which Breaks Down Easily [(11*5)-(4*2+5)=42] (Scout)

There are some inaccuracies in this article! White-belt is for the youngest, newest students; and yes, the inventor of Judo IS 12th Dan.


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Well, you are right and wrong.

The white belt is for 12th DAN as well as for the beginners.
In japan they don't even have any other colour than white until you have recieved your first DAN.
Besides this the white belt that is used by beginners here doesn't count as a belt an might just as well be tan.

As for Jigoro Kano and 12th DAN I guess it sort of figures that he was given it after his death but so far no-one has earned it during his lifespan.


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the potter

Surely the belts and kyu grading levels depend a bit on shich association you are with? Also senior grades may differ from junior grades. In Britain I would guess that the BJA are the standard for grading levels etc.

Out of interest, in Jikishin Jujitsu Society, the belts are: white, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, then black. an extra orange belt grade comes after yellow for juniors.

Who cares what colour your belt is anyway - you know how good you are!


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I agree with your finishing phrase completely!


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Researcher 225246

Firstly, There isn't any Chui or Keikoku anymore!!!! WTG IJF!

Secondly, In the BJA the grades (Which will be changing shortly) are:
1-3 Mon RED
4-6 Mon Yellow
7-9 Mon Orange
10-12 Mon Green
13-15 Mon Blue
16-18 Mon Brown

*No black belts for juniors*

9 Kyu Yellow
8/7 Kyu Orange
6/5 Kyu Green
4/3 Kyu Blue
2/1 Kyu Brown

Dan grade as in artical.


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I beg to differ regarding judo's usefulness for self-defence.

A policeman who trains with me vouches for the effectiveness of judo in 'aggro' situations.

Judo was chosen over jujutsu by the Tokyo police. This was after a contest in which representatives from Kano's judo school and schools of jujutsu were invited to fight it out to decide which would be adopted by the force. The result was an almost overwhelming victory for judo.

Similarly Olympic judo champion Yoshida defeated BJJ king Royce Gracie when he challenged him to a contest.

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