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''unstable gravimetric conditions''

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The Trek convention is on the second floor.

Nice, um, "ears" by the way.

''unstable gravimetric conditions''

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that text is gone now.

It was wrong no matter what words he used.

''unstable gravimetric conditions''

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Zach Garland

Excuse me? Wrong in what way? Put three stars together and then try to tell me the gravity is going to be stable!

''unstable gravimetric conditions''

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Gravity is a weak force, and on top of that it diminishes inversely proportional to the distance squared. That is why 3 stars can exist in the same system in the first place.

As I said before, how do you think the Earth can hold the moon in orbit with a star a million times it's mass just 150 million kilometers away?

Anyway the point of this thread was your use of the word "gravimetric". It was used wrongly as well. Gravimetric referrs to measurement of varations in a gravitational field, not the variations themselves.

''unstable gravimetric conditions''

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Now, you boys play nice!

Actually the point of the thread was to note the (presumably unconcious) Star Trek-ed ness of the original article, in a friendly and light-hearted manner.

It really doesn't, cosmically speaking, matter what "gravimetric" referrs (sic) to. smiley - winkeye

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